"I gained so much here.  I learned things that I never heard before, things with value and meaning.  So interesting…  One really can serve Hashem with happiness and with true faith!"   S.C.


Darchei Emunah has had an amazing first year!!  Now we're looking towards 2016/17... 


We are a seminary for girls growing up in Israel from Anglo families, as well as for English speaking post high school students from abroad.  


Our students are serious minded Bnos Yisrael who are comitted to investing in their ruchnius. They enjoy a full schedule of Torah classes, as well as creative workshops, all in a warm family-like atmosphere.  


      We are located in the Old City of Tsfat, an inspiring setting in which students can absorb the wisdom of our Torah, and acquire meaningful answers to their deepest questions.  


Trips to experience the holiness and beauty of our land are scheduled monthly.


Our goal is twofold: for our students to experience that emunah and connection to our Creator are the greatest of joys, and for them to grow with confidence in their life-long ability to reach and express that joy.


We believe that these personal realizations create the foundation of a strong and authentic Yiddishkeit, one that will guide our students toward their most fulfilling lives. 


"The year turned out awesome!!!  Amazing trips, very interesting classes, they’re so different than what we normally learned in high school, but that’s what makes this school a different experience.  It opens your eyes to new things."   O.T.