The Setting



"It’s a good environment to connect with different people and ideas, to connect with my self. Thank you!!"


The Holy City of Tsfat


A three and a half hour bus ride from Yerushalayim takes you up north through the Galilee to Tsfat. As you travel the winding road, you can feel why it is called a mystical and holy city.  Inspiration comes along with the scenery, with its plush beauty and historical significance.   What a natural place to study the teachings of our Torah!  



 "Connecting to nature was amazing, I hadn’t really had the opportunity before."  M.W.



Our Building


More Like a Home than a Dorm





Our building is located in a quiet section of Tsfat's Arist Quarter, surrounded by family homes on its east side. On the west side is Meron, and from the roof, you can take in a panoramic view of Tsfat, as well as the rolling hills of the Galilee.






Standing outside the entrance, you get the feeling of something unique and self enclosed. The broad stone steps wind down to the rounded archway where its famous double doors are covered with swirling blue filigree.  Grilled metal windows and verandas surround the upper level.  As you open the doors and come into the courtyard, you enter a world of stone, glass doors and flower gardens.





Darchei Emunah combines all the elements needed to connect our girls living in today's world with the ancient timeless teachings of our Torah.  The dorm is a dwelling that reflects the kedusha of Tsfat, creating an atmosphere where dreams can form, and greatness can be reached.