Course List and Descriptions


Course Descriptions


This list is evolving, and therefore subject to changes and additions.


STRIVE FOR TRUTH: Rabbi Avrohom Lasky


To develop a deeper understanding of the various levels of faith and trust in G-d, how do we work on our faith to come to more of an awareness of G-d in our lives. Based on sources: Strive for Truth by Rav Dessler; Nesivos Shalom by The Slonimer Rebbe; and  Madreigos Ha’Adam by the Alter from Novardok.



DERECH HASHEM: Rabbi Avrohom Lasky


Students learn about major topics in Jewish philosophy based on the Ramchal’s kabbalistic approach to Jewish thought. Topics covered in this course include: free choice, existing in the balance between perfection and deficiency, Adam’s sin, reincarnation, etc.



HOLOCAUST STUDIES: Rabbi Avrohom Lasky


Perspectives on Faith and Halachah during the Holocaust, to understand the war not only against the Jewish people, also against Judaism and what it spiritually symbolizes.


Based on sources: 


Hidden in Thunder by Esther Farbstein


Witness to History by Ruth Lichtenstein


Out of the Depths by Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yisroel Meir Lau



NAVI SHMUEL ‘א:  Rabbi Avrohom Lasky


This course provides the students with a broad based understanding of the stories, motives, and personalities that were instrumental in creating the national transition from the era of Judges into the era of Jewish Kingship. Based on classic commentaries, students improve their textual skills while developing the morals that apply to their lives today.





Based on the writings of Rabbi/Dr. Avrohom Twersky. Building confidence and self-worth by taking a deeper look at life and ourselves. Seeing the good within us and each individual, realizing that they are special with a unique mission to accomplish in this world.



PARSHA: Rabbi Yisrael Rotenberg


Overview of the Weekly Parsha based on commentaries mostly provided by the Stone Chumash. The course is divided into textual study and lecture format.



HILCHOS SHABBOS & YOM TOV: Rabbi Yisrael Rotenberg


This course focuses mostly on the laws of cooking on Shabbat and Yom Tov, understanding both the various laws as well as their underlying concepts. Based on Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata and The Mishnah Brurah.



EMUNAH: Rabbi Rafael Weingot


Classic texts and practical modern day applications of their concepts. Sources include Reb Elchonon Wasserman’s Essay on Emunah; Ramban on Matan Torah; various texts of the Rambam dealing with emunah including his Introduction to the Mishna; Ramchal’s Essay on Emunah; Permission to Believe by Rav Keleman; and ideas culled from the tapes of the Ani Maamin Institute.



HEART & MIND, Jewish Thought: Rabbi Boruch Shaver


The Tanya, a classic work of Chassidic thought and philosophy, deals with the struggles and conflicts in the human psyche. It describes the interaction between intellect and emotion, and teaches how to embrace our giving and caring nature.



APPRECIATING RASHI:  Rabbi Boruch Shaver


An in-depth look at one or two Rashis on the parsha. What prompted Rashi to comment?  What is his question and how is he answering it? Why did he choose this to comment on as opposed to perhaps a seemingly more obvious question? Etc. There are probably at least 70 meforshim on Rashi, and we will use many of them.



BEIN ADAM L’CHAVERO:  Rabbi Boruch Shaver



Bein Adom L'chavero will be halacha based. We will be using the sefer Halichos Bein Adom L'chavero from Rabbi Fuchs, author of Halichos  Bas Yisroel. 







We explore core subjects of Jewish beliefs and practice through the Kuzari, Maharal, Tanach, and the inner dimensions of Torah.   What is a Jewish soul, what is Torah, what is Halacha, our connection to the Avot and Imahot, concept of mesirut nefesh, kabalat ol, Tumah and Tahara, reward and punishment, idea of Hashgacha pratis, etc.




MINDFUL MINHAGIM:  Mrs. Shayna Elka Falk


Exploring the yearly cycle of Jewish life and customs through medrash, megillah and selections from the prophets. We will study Sefer Yonah which is read on Yom Kippur and in the appropriate season, we will discuss Megillas Esther and Megillas Rus. Additionally, we will look into the familiar customs and practices associated with life cycle events, the Yomim Tovim, Shabbos and week days, discovering personal meaning and the hidden beauty within our minhagim.  






Exploring the power of prayer through the Siddur, Tehillim & Machzorim, both theoretically and practically.



WOMEN IN TANACH:  Mrs. Laya Jackson/ Mrs. Saleet Malin


Students learn about various women in the Tanach: their stories, lives, choices, strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and failures. Applying the lessons to inspire and assist each student in her own personal development with love, depth, humor, and clarity.



JEWISH HOME: Mrs. Chana Gorenstein


The Jewish home class highlights a Jewish woman's avoda in today's day and age. This includes what creating a true Jewish home means and how we achieve that practically. We highlight the woman's role in this auspicious and very worthy position in all areas of her life, as a wife, mother, member of a community, and more. We discuss chinuch (Jewish education), family purity and shalom bayis, and all the other elements of life that a woman is blessed with i.e., Shabbos and kashrus etc. as well as the challenges that are sometimes coupled with her role. The teachings are culled from an array of sources, including Chumash, halacha, and Chasidic writings.




LIVING IN TODAY’S WORLD: Mrs. Batsheva Nelson


This course involves an in-depth look into various ideas and concepts that pertain to personal spiritual growth. Each class is based on a topic from various sources that initiate discussion and feedback, and allows the students to share their own personal outlooks, feelings and ideas, as well as encouraging them to listen to those of others.  The process leads to discovery of one’s values, as well as finding one’s own inner strengths.   In this class there will be a variety of issues discussed pertaining to women, such as relationships and boundaries, hilchos yichud , ideas and concepts regarding modesty and head covering from a halachic and hashkafic perspective.


SCIENCE OF EDUCATION:  Mrs. Dvorah Hoffman


We learn about educational difficulties and goals that we all have. The course works on awareness of how we function emotionally, socially and intellectually, resulting be”H in personal mastery.  This in turn leads to understanding our friends family and children, both challenged and gifted.  Based on Gift of Learning and The Gift of Dyslexia by Ron Davis. 



LIFE 101: Mrs. Ariella Bracha Waldinger


Self empowerment through Torah knowledge and personal effort. The goal of this class is to enable students to come to a place of understanding the part they play and the power they possess to bring change into their lives. Through acquiring self awareness and knowledge, one is able to change. Based on the book, It’s All in Your Mind, the instructor will guide the students through the steps necessary to bring practical change into their lives.



JOURNAL WRITING: Mrs. Tova Weingot


Students are guided to explore, develop and express their inner world through writing. The journal writing exercises become a powerful tool to integrate their learning into the fabric of their lives, as well as to record their emotional and spiritual growth. 



HEALTHY LIVING: Mrs. Yehudis Hutner


The goal of this course is twofold:[1] To instill good, healthy, lifetime habits, and [2] To attain information and knowledge and understanding in order to discover the keys to understanding the subtle yet complex and intricate connection between body, mind, and heart.

We study the benefits of healthy diet, understanding the role of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc., as well as their sources in food. We join together for herb walks selecting and picking the herbs that we use to make our own tinctures, creams, and capsules. Aromatherapy, reflexology, proper deep breathing, and exercise are also explored.  The class is fun as well as an eye-opener.  


CREATIVE ARTS: Mrs. Yehudis Hutner


Creativity is a dynamic, changing, personal experience which develops intuition and self -esteem. It is a way to tap into the feminine aspects of ourselves. Art is a relaxing and enjoyable way to express emotion and perception in addition to developing inventive, divergent, and imaginative powers.  Often times, the question is asked, "What if I have no talent?"  I believe that creativity is a way of being, and a very necessary component of life which gives birth to new aspects of ourselves. It is my goal to encourage and help to develop this inherent potential.  

We cover: Basic Drawing; Color Theory through exercises; Painting ; Collage; Paper cutting and Design; and Crafts (paper mache, candle making...)


MOVEMENT: Mrs. Aviva Speigel



Each class explores individual and collective creative expression with a variety of artistic media with an emphasis on movement improvisation. I like to weave Torah and Chassidus, as well as what is happening at the time in the Hebrew calendar, into the fabric of the class. In this way, art becomes a tool for personal reflection, sharing, and spiritual growth. Generally I start each class with easy stretches and gentle movement with music to give the girls a much needed opportunity to move after hours of sitting in class. One of the important skills the girls are learning is not only to be able to express themselves in ways they would normally, but to be aware of how they are part of creating a whole group experience. Beyond movement, the media we use in class are writing, art, drama games, and making our own music with sounds, vocals and instruments. The classes are lively, fun, and engaging and provide a positive, encouraging environment to explore our hidden artistic talents.


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Optional Electives






This course is designed to teach the tools necessary to become a qualified and confident makeup artist. In this course we will be primarily focusing on learning the techniques for: Bridal Makeup, Event Makeup, and Film and Photography Makeup.


Each student will receive:

-A makeup kit including a professional makeup case.

-A certification that they completed the course and are qualified makeup artists. 

 -A personal portfolio of their own work including photographs done by a professional makeup photographer.

Some topics that will be included in the course:  Skin Preparation and Foundation Application; Morphology and Blush; Color Combinations; Photography and Lighting; Eyebrow shaping; Bridal Makeup; Makeup for Mature Women; the History of Makeup; and Guidance on how to advance in the field of makeup artistry.





As needed